Our selection of the most beautiful beaches in New Caledonia

Ouvéa vue sur Mouli

Mouli Beach - Ouvea Island

Imagine a beach of pristine white sand. It is lined with palm trees that sway peacefully in the wind; on the horizon, the sky merges with the lagoon. You are in Mouli, on the island of Ouvea.

Dive into the turquoise water for a moment and you may see turtles, rays and multicolored fish that have taken up residence around the beach.

Whether you're an adventurer, a vacationer or a couple honeymooning in New Caledonia, the rugged beauty of Mouli Beach will leave an indelible mark on you. 


Baies de Chateaubriand and Luengöni - Lifou Island

In New Caledonia, splendid beaches are plentiful ! Whether on Grande Terre or on the surrounding islands, they reveal an irresistible charm. Everywhere you look, the sparkling sand, the crystal clear lagoon and the blue sky illustrate a perfect landscape. In Lifou, the bays of Chateaubriand and Luengöni are comparable to the most famous beaches of the Isle of Pines. If you are more adventurous at heart, you can go in search of the secret Kiki beach...

Hôtel Casa del sol

Lemon Bay beaches - Noumea

In Noumea, you must visit the popular Baie des Citrons beaches, Anse Vata. Swim, relax, and have a drink in front of the sunset. Noumea is also the starting point for many excursions into the lagoon. Embark for a day (or a few hours) and enjoy the unique charm of the surrounding islets.

Phare Amédée vue du ciel

Amedee Lighthouse - Amedee Islet

At Phare Amédée, you can enjoy a tropical buffet and dance performances, before heading to the beach for a snorkel and swim. Thirsty for water activities? Noumea's beaches will also seduce you with their many activities. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle, kayaking, foiling or even jet-skiing, will be on the agenda.

Piscine naturelle de l'île des Pins

Natural swimming pool of the Bay of Oro - Isle of Pines

Located between the columnar pines, the natural pool of Oro Bay on the Isle of Pines is a must-see in New Caledonia. It is easily accessible after a few minutes' walk. Discover more about the Isle of Pines.

Beach of Kuendu Bay - Noumea

Near Noumea, on the Nouville peninsula, is the Kuendu Bay. The Kuendu Beach establishment rents out bungalows, deckchairs and nautical accessories. Kuendu beach, easily accessible from downtown Noumea, is a favorite place for local families during  the weekend.