Reduced fares for babies

Babies of less than 2 years of age benefit from up to 90% reductions throughout the Aircalin network. Don’t forget to let us know that you are travelling with a baby when you book your ticket.

For babies of less than 2 years, you are entitled to one piece of baggage weighing 10 kg and one cradle, stroller or baby seat on all Aircalin operated flights, regardless of your booking class. Only 'cabin' pushchairs designed for this purpose are accepted in the cabin. The size of the pushchair must not exceed 55*35*25 cm. Any other type of pushchair will not be accepetd in the cabin and will be checked in as hold baggage.

Accompaniment of a baby

A baby must always be accompanied by an independent adult passenger during the trip.
Exception: the accompanying person may be of less than 18 years of age if the person is the mother or father or the legal guardian.

A passenger may only accompany one baby. If two babies are travelling, a second accompanying passenger is necessary.

Car seat

A baby can also travel with an approved car seat or harness.

Baby must have a child fare ticket in Economy class on a Aircalin operated flight. Not applicable in other classes or on flights operated by our partner airlines.

Car seats must have at least one of the following appropriate certifications:

Sales country Required safety standard
Europe European safety standards requirements, ECE R44 - ECE R129
USA United States of America standard FMVSS N°213 and must have the two following markings: "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft" in red lettering and "This child restraint system conforms to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)".
Canada Canadian Safety Standard CMVSS 213/213.1
Australia and New Zealand  Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1754 : 2013 and must have the green label "FOR USE IN AIRCRAFT"

For car seat bookings, please contact Aircalin.

Meals and cradles

We can provide your baby with a meal specially adapted to its needs.

Cradles are also available at no extra charge with a weight limit of 10kg and a size limit of 70cm.

Don’t forget to organise these requests at the moment of the booking or, at the latest, 24H before departure.

The booking of a cradle by internet is not avaliable. Please contact our commercial services to make the booking as early as possible before your departure.

Children from 2 to 11 years of age

Reduced fares

When they are accompanied by an adult, children receive a 25% reduction.


It is possible to book a children’s meal on all Aircalin flights.

Don’t forget to order the children’s meal when you make the booking or when you buy the ticket, at the very latest 24H before departure.

Kid's Kit

The ‘KIDS AIRCALIN’ kit is offered to our youngest customers (aged 3 and over) on board all Aircalin flights. It includes an assortment of games, coloured pencils and a colouring book on the theme of New Caledonian biodiversity to keep your children entertained during the trip.

Bed and leg-rest

If you have reserved a seat for your child, you can bring a bed/leg-rest of the BedBox ® style only on board your Aircalin-operated flight. This comfort item, in the form of a suitcase, allows a child to lay down by acting as a seat extension. It counts as cabin luggage. 

It can be used for children up to 7 years old. The adults travelling with the child are responsible for its installation. 

Constraints to respect:

  • Respect the manufacturer's instuctions for use
  • The BedBox  ® must be closed and stored in the overhead lockers during take off and landing and during turbulence
  • The BedBox  ® can only be used on window and middle-aisle seats 
  • Do not place your meals or hot drinks on the lid of the BedBox ® 
  • Ensure that your child's head is positioned towards the tail of the aircraft to correctly use the safety belt
  • The use of this object must not inconvenience other passengers
  • Your flight must be operated by Aircali
  • The crew remain the final decision-makers regarding the use of this accessory on board. 

Unaccompanied minor (U.M)

A child is authorised to travel alone from their 5th birthday.  Between 5 and 11 years of age, they are considered an U.M. and will be looked after by the Company’s personnel from check-in to arrival.  

From their 12th birthday, a child is considered to be independent, and can travel without special assistance. However, Aircalin offers young passengers aged 12 to 17 the option to travel as a U.M. This service is chargeable and optional.  

Bookings by internet are not possible for U.M. Please contact our commercial services in order to learn about the procedure to follow. They will offer you all the necessary advice to fill in the U.M. form.

A U.M. must have their own passport and personal visas, they cannot use their parents’ passport on which they are registered.

We recommend for you to arrive at check-in at least 30 minutes before the check-in closes, and to let our agents know that your child is travelling unaccompanied as an U.M.

On arrival, the person collecting the child must present proof of identity to our ground personnel.

Find below, the detail of the rates:

Age Routes Fare (one way)
5-11 year's old All  Aircalin routes Free
12-17 year's old Flight from/to Sydney, Auckland, Wallis, Brisbane, Melbourne or Nadi 4 000 XPF / 33 EUR
12-17 year's old Flight to/from   Papeete, Singapore or  Japan  7 800 XPF / 65 EUR
12-17 year's old Flight to/from  Paris* 14 400 XPF / 120 EUR

*service sold in partnership with Air France on the Noumea - Paris CDG route via Narita or Singapore with Air France. Product not available on KLM flights.

Pregnant woman

On the condition that the first eight months of your pregnancy have passed without any symptoms that may indicate complications or a premature birth until the date of the flight, you are authorised to travel on an Aircalin flight without any special restrictions.  

From the ninth month of pregnancy or from any moment during your pregnancy if there are symptoms that may indicate complications or a premature birth, you should provide a medical agreement testifying to your capacity to travel by aircraft without danger to you or your child.  

How do you obtain a medical agreement ?

The procedure to obtain a medical certificate is the following:

  • Your doctor completes a medical information form
  • The document must be sent to the Company Doctor, who will determine the transport conditions

A medical certificate drawn up by the passenger’s doctor is not sufficient for a medical agreement: only the Company Doctor is authorised to declare whether air transport is possible or not.