Manage my booking

Manage a booking, request a special meal, select a seat, book an additional service, update personal details?

All this is possible thanks to the manage my booking flow!

Change or add your personal information:

  • Change your date of birth and nationality;
  • Change or add your Flying Blue number;
  • Complete your personal contact information so that you can be reached if your trip changes;
  • Update your valid passport number.

Complete your booking:

Add services to your booking:

Change your booking:

To make changes, your ticket must be changeable with or without a fee (please refer to your ticket's fare conditions).

  • Change your travel dates and classes;  
  • Changes apply to all passengers in your booking file;
  • Please check if there are flights to your final destination on the new date selected;
  • You will then receive a new electronic ticket.

Cancel your booking:

Need to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances?

Please follow the below steps: 

  • First, contact us to cancel your booking 

  • Once your booking is cancelled you can then request a refund, please fill in the dedicated form here

 Any request for cancellation and refund of a ticket purchased from a travel agency other than Aircalin office (or online) must be made directly with the travel agency concerned.

A la carte services

Your trip according to your needs!
Seat plus

Seat Plus

Be sure to travel at the best place!
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Extra baggage

Extra baggage

Bring all you need!
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A la carte menus

Make your meal on board a real moment of relaxation and pleasure.
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